About us

WAN (We Are Nerds) Press was born from the desire to find the best products among the great current offer.

Therefore, to achieve our purpose we use Big Data, basically a system that filters the products with highest rated reviews and then applying a proprietary algorithm of credibility.

Once we obtain these products, only the best ones go through our human review to elaborate our classification, we give them our own score according to price and quality.

We call ourselves Nerds, not only because we were called Nerds in school, but also because we have spent months studying the best way to create our system. Thanks to this we are able to rate products in an optimal time.

For us the word Nerd or Geek (more trendy) does not mean something derogatory.
Rather, we associate it with a passion for doing things well.

If you also consider yourself a Nerd or Geek, and you are an expert on any subject we would love to work with you. Don’t hesitate to write us


Not boring forms. If you want to contact us, please write us an email.