About Us

Wan Press is a web page created to explain and simplify everything related to online loans. We try to present you the best credit entities and discover their most important features so that you can then compare them by yourself and choose the personal loan that suits you best.

In recent years, fast loans and the opportunity to borrow online have been a novelty and for many people are of great help in times of money emergency, but it is true that before asking for a loan it is good to know it all about this service.

Personal needs loans and urgent loans by nature are good, they are simply an instrument that can take us money at a time of need.

Some creditors let you request your first loan without asking for commission. But generally you will have to pay a small interest for the amount requested. Before requesting a secured credit you have to know what interest you will have to pay for your credit.

Thanks to our page you can easily find the amounts you can borrow from the most important creditors, but also the interest they ask for or the time you have to return the money. We try to update the page with the latest credentials, but sometimes some creditor pages may not be updated or we might not be informed about their updates.

That is why we recommend you always to read the terms and conditions directly on each entity’s website, as these may vary when you request the loan or your personal need.

We hope our page can help you because we created it in this purpose!