WAN IFRA It is made up of more than 3,000 news publishing companies, 80 publishers’ associations and currently represents more than 18,000 publications in 120 countries.
The main mission is to protect media can be independent and play a decisive role in societies.
WAN PRESS today WAN IFRA was founded in 1948 and for the last 70 years has served as a link between the international press.
Today, WAN-IFRA is a meeting point for publishers, editors, technology directors, digital business executives, news publishers’ associations, technology providers, service providers and research centres.

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The Mission

  1. Boosts business innovation: provides a platform dedicated to the international media alliance and provides training for the workers of these companies
  2. Supports an internet with free news from free media
  3. Promotes congresses where the best business practices are disseminated. Every year more than 50 related events are organized.